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Welcome to Slack Farm located in southeastern Wisconsin. We are raising fullblood boer goats and purebred suffolk sheep with a few dorper sheep. Striving to produce the best animals by the breed standards being boers or suffolks. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our animals.

We are proud members of the ABGA,USBGA and USSA.

Slack Farm started with suffolk sheep in the early 80's. In 2002 we added the boer goats. Kevin helps his sons Andrew, Tommy and Joey with their animals. Being active in 4-H the boys are excited about showing the sheep and goats.

We thank you for visiting our website and visit often for new updates.

The Slacks


boers section
D.O.B. 4/17/11
Sire: BSA Check My Swag
Dam: BSA Kickin Ash
We added this buck last year to the herd, from the May's, he is a son of the  2012 ABGA National champion buck. Big River was 2012 Reserve overall Champion buck, WI State Fair, he weighed 230lbs. at 16 mos. Big River for the second year was Reserve champion Overall Buck 2013 WI State Fair.

SLAK Fruity- LiciousFitness
B.O.D. 4/11/14
Sire: BSA Big River
Dam: Calvary Farm Rip
This doe was Overall Grand Champion doe both Jr. and Open show 2015 WI. State Fair, she a daughter of " Big River" a ABAR Buck.


B.O.D. 3/28/12
This doe's name says it all, finess. A beautiful, well balanced doe. Her dam was Junior Champion ewe at the 2010 WI State Fair. This doe was Reserve Champion Yearling 2013 WI State Fair.

DER Petunia
D.O.B 6/15/09
Sire: DER X-BO
This doe is a Double Eagle bred doe, that will add size and scale
D.O.B. 4/5/11
Sire: B2N Jaxson
Dam: TC1 W822 by PLAYA
A super complete doe that was Grand Champion doe Jr. show and Reserve Grand Champion doe open show 2012 WI. State Fair
LITA Lewis Creek
ABGA# 10367360
D.O.B. 1/7/07
Dam: AABG-Lewis Creek ROXANNE
This is a long and correct doe and she a triplet sister to Rita and Sting of Lewis Creek, IN
TC1 W822
ABGA # 10440616
D.O.B. 2/14/08
Dam: TC1 W495
This was a doe we purchased from the Cudes last sale.
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suffolk section
* News Flash*
2015 National Suffolk Junior Show, MA.
Supreme Champion Ewe Grand and Res. Champion Ewe ( Bred/Owned)
Junior Champion Ewe ( Bred/owned )
Grand and Res. Champion Ewe ( Owned )
Grand and Res. Champion Ram ( Owned )
Junior Champion Ram ( Owned )
Champion Ram ( Production )
Begg 125 (A.K.A. 4G)
Sire: Craft 7-1
Dam:Orwick 532
We picked up this 4 year old stud from Don Craft. He is a level topped, big square hipped ram. He also stands wide based with plenty of bone.
PK Stone
B.O.D 3-5-13 S. Stoney Patch 302-11 D. Craft's Suffolk's 9-54 This super eye catching ram lamb was Reserve Champion ram ( owned ) at the 2013 Junior National Suffolk Show, East Lansing, MI. He has a great hip and a great set of feet and straight on his legs and to top it off, his Dam is also the Dam of the Supreme Ewe at the 2013 Midwest Stud Ram Sale.
Final Pass K. Slack 1125
He was 1st place in the late February class, National Suffolk Junior Show and 1st place late ram lamb class and Reserve Grand Champion Ram Junior Show in Louisville 2013.
HOT PASS Huenefeld Farms 09-112 RR
Reg. 588433 D.O.B. 2/9/09
Sire: Peifer 1291
Dam: Huenefeld 04-52
Hot Pass was the senior champion ram at the National Jr. show and Wisconsin state fair in 2010. His twin sister was champion ewe at the Wisconsin state fair and 4th at Louisville in a yearling ewe class in 2010 and his full brother was the Grand Champion ram in Louisville in 2009.

K. Slack 1216
B.O.D. 5/4/14
S. Begg 125
D. Stoney Patch 366-09 ( 1st place slick ewe 2010 National Jr. Show )

This May born ewe was the 2015 Supreme Champion Ewe National Suffolk Junior Show in West Spring, MA. Sire pictured on ram page.


Craft's 8
S. Begg 121
D. Craft's 9-45

A super brood ewe in our flock. deep bodied, level topped and good on her legs


K. Slack 1111
B.O.D. 2/5/13
S. Hot Pass
D. Schambow 3143A

This beautiful ewe was the 2014 Supreme Champion ewe at the National Junior Show in Kansas. We had Supreme Champion Ewe at the National Junior Show 2 of the last 3 years, both sired by Hot Pass. She also
was Grand Champion ewe at 2014 N.A.I.L.E. Suffolk Junior Show in Louisville, KY.


K.Slack 1110 RR
B.O.D. 2/02/13 TW
S. "FD" Schambow 3214
D. K.Slack 792

1110 was Reserve Champion Ewe ( Bred/Owned ) 2014 National Suffolk Junior Show and then went on to become Reserve Grand Champion ewe at WI State Fair ( Open ) Reserve Supreme Champion ewe bred/owned ( Junior )


K. Slack 995 RR
S. Hot Pass
D. K Slack 887

Grand Champion ewe IL. Spring Preview Show. 
Grand Champion ewe WI State Fair ( Open ) and Supreme Grand Champion Ewe overall breeds ( Junior Show ) 

This Hot Pass daughter has the mass and correctness, what Suffolk's should have

K.Slack 794
S. Corson 06-LX1
D. K.Slack 434

One of the great brood ewes in your flock, she is the dam of Hot Coco, the Supreme Champion ewe at the 2012 National Junior Show, SD


"Hot CoCo" K. Slack 926
DOB: 2/8/11
Sire: Hot Pass
Dam: K.Slack 794

Hot CoCo has turned out to be a outstanding yearling ewe, as well as all Hot Pass's offfspring, see them at the shows. She was Junior Champ. at Wi State fair and Suffolk Junior show in Louisville in 2011. 2012 Supreme Champion ewe at the Natioal Suffolk Jr. Show, South Dakota and Grand Champion ewe, IL. Spring Preview show


"Martha" K.Slack 922
D.O.B. 2-6-2011
Sire: Flashlight" Bender 816
Dam: K.Slack 846
This is one solid ewe, and what I think a suffolk ewe should look like.
She was Res. Champion Ewe at the 2012 IL. Spring Preview Show, behind her pen mate, "COCO"  
M. Johnson 363
D.O.B. 2-21-2011
Sire: Hot Pass
Dam: Stoney Patch 375-09
This was a ewe I purchased from Makayla at the Louisville sale, This ewe is all put together from head to tail. Her dam was champion ewe at the 2010 WI Jr. State Fair. Then they decided to breed 375  to HOT PASS, I'm glad they did. .
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photo gallery section
K.Slack 1111
1111 was 1st place Early February class in Junior Show, Louisville 2013.
K. Slack 1110
1110 is a Schambow  3214 daughter, Supreme Champion Ram 2012 National Suffolk Junior Show. 1110 stood 2nd behind 1111 in the Early February Class Junior Show, Louisville 2013.
K. Slack 1224
Junior Champion Bred/ Owned, 2015 National Suffolk Junior Show, MA.
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boer sale section

Fullblood Does available for sale.


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sheep sale section


K. Slack 1381 RR
B. 3/8/16 TW
     S. Kanable 1403
     D. K. Slack 1154
We are offering this ewe lamb at the North American Suffolk Sale in Louisville, KY. November 12th. Sire was Jr. Champion ram as a lamb and Res. Champion Ram as a Yearling, WI. State fair.  Dam was Res. Champion ewe ( Bred/Owned ) 2015 National Junior Show. "PK Stone" daughter
See 1st. video of her on face book ( Slack Farms )

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